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Embossing machine +
Applicable to the mahogany furniture, European classical furniture, jade carvings, stone carvings, brick carvings, arts and crafts, building model, prototype fixture, advertising signs, an electronic circuit board and so on Industry

Applicable to mahogany, white wood, organic glass, acrylic, polyester, PS, PVC, circuit board, marble, aluminum and other materials

Cast iron bed, after annealing treatment, 10 years without deformation.
Servo system, high speed and accuracy.
The force of precision spindle, high power, low noise, low failure rate.
Taiwan PMI wire rod and guide, ensure the fine carving.
Not dislocation, not random pause, do not hit the knife.
Automatic alarm function.
Dust control system and automatic lubrication system
The new system, compatible with the JD5.5 version, can not stop carrying knives antialiasing and processing phenomenon.
Continuously 6000 hours without stopping.
Short-term investment, long-term benefit.