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5 axis
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Suitable for automotive interior parts, car model, ceramic sanitary ware, ships, yachts, aerospace and chemical, wind power, rail transportation, 
solid wood furniture, handicrafts, bathroom, seat, solid wood, EPC casting industry!
Glass steel trimming, resin processing and other solid carbide stereo processing. Experimental teaching profession, chairs and other three-dimensional 
processing need furniture and other products.

Applied to wood,  polyester, polystyrene foam (EPS), resin, plaster, clay and non metal carbide mixture material. 

ULI-5AXIS is the most advanced processing center in the world.
Adopting Taiwan PMI guide and ball screw. Ensure precise engraving.
The work table is designed by internationally advanced machine tools processing technology,  through tempering
stress removal and twice precision maching, which is heavy cutting maching, ensuring the machined durable. 
Adopting automatic alarm system.
The automatic lubrication system.
Italy osai 5 axis control system.

Italy HSD five axis spindle
ATC system
Italy OSAI CNC control system
Japan Yaskawa servo drive system and planetary reducer
French Schneider electric etc.